Wooden Installation

To bring a warm and artisanal touch to your interior.

These handcrafted vases are one of a kind, designed with a focus on embracing the natural materials of wood while keeping the structural inspiration from the remains of Harappan artifacts in mind.




We merged the organic shape specially for the legs and trunk from the toys found during the excavation in and around the civilization with the Japanese wood carpentry done for Ikebana.

And here it is...


This installation sits pretty on a 12ft/12ft wall. Beautifully juxtaposed against the white wall and the intricately carved wooden table.

These are made to order & would take up to 3 weeks to dispatch

Hand-carved, hand buffed & polished.

Material: Solid wood

These vases are ideal for small/ tall strands of dried flowers and Pampas.

To place your order you can write to us at sneha@thestrangeco.com or jena@thestrangeco.com 
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