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The Strange Co

The adventures of Dino, Rani and Spoony

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  • Material: Ceramic 
  • Microwave Safe can hold up to 275ml.
  • Finishing: Semi Matt

Detective Dino & Rani were out for a stroll in their neighborhood park,
looking for flowers to wear.

Suddenly from the ground
came a clanking sound.
"Let me investigate," said Dino.
Burrowing its way out
was an eight-legged spoon:
"Hello, I'm Spoony," said he.

He was hungry yet cheery,
had been dunked in a curry,
and dosed off in a sunny daze.
"You're coming home with us, said Rani.
"We'll get you clean and shiny,
and you can tell us all about your day."
To home they went,
cooking and sharing tales as new friends.
The food tasted particularly tasty that day.