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Blu - The Polar Bear Mug

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BLU - The Polar Bear

On a fragment of ice, so stark and white,
Stands BLU the bear, his heart alight, 
With arms wide open, a hug to share,
To spread joy and love through the frosty air.
But alas, the ice melts beneath his feet,
Climate change's grip, a relentless beat,
Endangering BLU, his world shrinking small,
Yet his spirit shines bright, despite it all.
So let's join hands, hearts beating as one,
To protect BLU and all under the sun,
For a world full of cheer, where love abounds,
Where polar bears roam on solid grounds.

This is our strange way to spread awareness on climate change, we truly believe Blu can help us bring a change in our day to day lives that impact climate change.

We have Pledged to give a part of the proceed to WWF an organisation that is fighting day and night on Climate Change. 

Holds upto 350 ML

Material : Ceramic