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Firefly Greeting Card

Regular price Rs. 1,250.00
Regular price Rs. 35.00 Sale price Rs. 1,250.00
Write a sweet note to your loved one and let the fireflies deliver your message.
The best part about packing orders is writing those warm, adorable notes on each postcard.
From full-page essays to simple "Take Care", there's nothing more heartwarming than receiving handwritten postcards from your loved ones, cause it says even though far away they're still thinking of you.
Individual Cards Don't come with Envelopes. 
Envelopes available with Festive Firefly sets

Set Includes :

200 Pages Notebook

5/7" Photoframe

3 book marks

1 Note Pad

5 Blank Greeting Cards + Envelopes

and ton loads of smiles. All encased in a beautiful gift box.