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The Strange Co

Pixie and Pixel Cereal Bowl

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Meet Pixie and Pixel! The new members of our Misfit family. 

Width- 6.5"
Depth- 2"

Fired in high glaze, these minimalistic and modern bowls are perfect for soup or cereal or oatmeal in the morning! 

With a subtle soft blue glaze on the inside and a matt finish on the outside for smooth texture, these bowls are microwave safe and easy to clean! 

How Pixie met Pixel:

"It is a cats world!
No, its a dogs!"
A reasonable reason,
why they always fought.

Fight each other they did when
they crossed,
until one day Pixie got lost.

She tried so hard to find her way
Could not find one, searched all day.

Looked from afar did Pixel and thought,
Maybe he should help Pixie
in distraught.

While drifting away with the cloud,
swaying with the wind a red balloon was found.

"Follow the balloon!" Pixel said,
tracing its path, Pixie found a shed.

Well, it was not clear at first, but now.
Pixie and Pixel together they Meow.
(Pixie is a confused puppy)