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Table Runners

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Dabbawala : This table runner is an ode to our most efficient and original food delivery system even before the Food Apps came into being. Our very own Dabbawalas are Mumbai's lifeline though we like to call them the "foodline". 

Small Trivia : There's a case study done on the Dabbawalas by Harvard on their efficiency and time management skills.


The Sickle : Sickle is the original tool of a farmer. Though its the most under appreciated tool, but it's the most valuable tool when comes to harvesting our crops. This is our small way of literally putting it on the table and giving it that honour.

Story : I remember there was a coconut seller outside my house, and he would sharpen his sickle, clean it and magically cut the coconut shell for us. As a kid, I was in awe of his skills. For the longest time I wanted to learn that art from him. May be one day, I will.


The Tea Party :  While, growing up my biggest fascination was the English tea party's that I use to read about in old victorian historicals. I often pictured them lavish with 100's of tea pots floating around and a line of tea pots traveling across. Thats pretty much the idea behind this table runner. 

Small Trivia : It's often said that Tea pot was originated in Japan, actually Tea was introduced to Japan from China by travelling Buddhist monks. Japanese people soon developed a liking for this beverage, and they even invited Chinese artisans to teach them how to make earthen teapots like those made in Yixing. This is how Raku, the famous Japanese pot for making tea emerged. This unique teapot was handmade in the province of Bizen. 



Macchi Tokri : Fish being the staple for many coastal states, the preparation and the variety is very different everywhere, some smoke it with fire, and some like it fried with onions. But the way these fish are sold remains the same everywhere. Which is selling the fresh catch in a Tokri (basket), which became the inspiration behind this table runner.

Story : My Grandfather use to take me along, everyday to buy the fresh catch from this tiny old man, who use to sit right in the middle of atleast 10 baskets, selling different variety. While handing the packet, he would always mention, "eat them, its good for hair and eyes. Look at me, I still don't wear glasses".


Material : Canvas

Size : 60"/14.5"