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The Tea Party

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The Tea Party:  While, growing up my biggest fascination was the English tea party's that I use to read about in old victorian historicals. I often pictured them lavish with 100's of teapots floating around and a line of teapots traveling across. That's pretty much the idea behind this table runner. 

Small Trivia: It's often said that Teapot was originated in Japan, actually Tea was introduced to Japan from China by traveling Buddhist monks. Japanese people soon developed a liking for this beverage, and they even invited Chinese artisans to teach them how to make earthen teapots like those made in Yixing. This is how Raku, the famous Japanese pot for making tea emerged. This unique teapot was handmade in the province of Bizen. 


  • Material: Canvas
  • Size:  length 60" width 14.5"